Wildlife Hopper Moose


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Wildlife Hopper Moose

FARM HOPPERS WILDLIFE INFLATABLES◆GIDDY UP!◆Enjoy hours of fun riding our wide variety of jumping bouncer animals.  We have a range of whimsical bouncy ball like ridable toys that are appealing and super fun for any age kid.  Wild life lovers can choose from an adorable moose or deer.  Our fantasy, safari and farm lines include other animal options such as a horse, unicorn, cow, dragon, bull, giraffe, zebra, dogs and more.  As well as a wide range of colors.  We have something for everyone!◆MOM AND DAD APPROVED◆Our jumpers have been put to the test and have come out on the top.  We have been named as the favorite by kids, parents and the experts because of the long lasting interest, early development and joy that comes from playing with our toys.  Winner of the Creative Child Toy of the Year, the Mom’s Choice Silver Medal, Tilly Wig Sterling Fun Toy Award and the PTPA Seal of Approval.◆SIMPLE SET UP◆Jumper comes deflated in package.  Simply place manual pump tip in hole and use handle to blow air inside to desired capacity.  Secure with self closing valve and it is ready to ride!  Store deflated or inflated for easy access or decor.  Carefully wipe down animal with damp cloth to keep looking clean and new.◆VERSATILE◆Bouncer is good for presents, games, activities and other occasions.  Use in the house, on the lawn outside or at preschool or daycare.  Best for small toddlers to 4 year olds who love to play and be actively engaged.  Helps to develop important life skills and provides entertaining, sensory play.  Children quickly come to love their colorful little buddies and will find that they can play and grow with their hopper for years to come with total satisfaction and joy.  Enjoyable for boys and girls of all different ages and preferences.

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