About Us

StoreWithaDoor.com is full of amazing items at great prices. This site represents the products from several retail stores in Canada that are made available for shipping from our Manitoba distribution center. That means no matter where you are in Canada, you’ll see quick shipping at fairly low rates.

Why do we charge for shipping? We know that free shipping is a rip off for consumers! In order to make shipping free, we would have to include the cost in our selling prices. But to make sure we include enough, we have to put the price of the most expensive shipping into the price. If you are someplace where shipping doesn’t cost as much, you end up over paying.

What’s worse – if you buy two products at the same time – you would end up paying double for shipping. To make it simple, we keep our prices low – like they would be at an actual store. Then, we charge you the actual shipping cost via Canada Post. The more we put in the same box, the more you save on shipping.

Its fair – the way shopping online should be.