John Deere Farm Adventure Set with Train


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Imagineering by Lionel John Deere Farm Adventure Set

Help farmers across the world grow their best crop yet!¬†First, you’ll use the crane to load up your engine with crates. Then, get that John Deere train rolling and transport your goods!

This exclusive push pull set includes the John Deere steam engine, gondola and caboose! Make your track layout your own with four curve track pieces, one piece of 9″ straight track, two 6″ straight track pieces, and two 3″ straight track pieces, all included! Lastly, interact with your set with the John Deere Crane with loader and track attachment and two crates of chickens!

Set includes:

  • One Engine
  • One Gondola Car
  • One Caboose
  • Four Curve Track Pieces
  • One 9″ Straight Track Piece
  • Two 6″ Straight Track Pieces
  • Two 3″ Straight Track Pieces
  • One Crane Track Piece
  • One Crane
  • One Loader/Dumper Tower
  • Two Crates


  • Snap-together track
  • Durable plastic construction
  • Compatible with Lionel Non-powered Track Packs or Kits

Additional information

Weight 1.800 kg
Dimensions 41.5 × 33.5 × 19 cm


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