Trackimo Magnetic Box


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This is the optional magnet box for your standard Trackimo.  It comes with an extended battery that can track for up to a year.  It does NOT include a Trackimo – you need to order one if you don’t already have a device.

Order a Trackimo at the same time as this box and receive free shipping.

This is a waterproof box that can house the Trackimo GPS tracking device with a battery of 3500mAh (replacing the built in of 600mAh), which is basically 6 times its battery life (up to 21 days).


  • When using the 3G Universal tracker, there are settings that can change the tracking to once a day, extending the battery life for up to 6 – 12 months

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Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 15 × 5 cm


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