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This listing provides a random Pokemon booster pack.  These packs can include XY, Sun & Moon or Sword & Shield packs.  They are random and you can not chose the pack.

On this site, we charge shipping for your cards – that means the price of the packs is far lower.  These are the same cards we list on Ebay and Walmart for more money.

Buying just a couple packs doesn’t make a lot of sense here – the best is to buy 15 or more so that the shipping cost works out better.  Add other pokemon product to save even more!


Check out this amazing deal – while quantities last!
The price of old packs of Pokemon Cards is skyrocketing!  In the past few weeks many distributors have sold out.  Thankfully we purchased thousands of packages of Pokemon over the past few years.  We’re passing those savings onto you.
This listing is for ONE random pack of pokemon cards.  We shuffled a bunch of our extra booster packs into random order and are simply selling them as they come.  Our assortment includes packs from the XY series and onward, including up the newest Sword and Shield packs.
The assortment also includes Hidden Fates ($18.99), XY Evolutions ($16.99) and Champions Path ($19.99).  These are super expensive packs right now!  You have a chance to obtain any of those packs as the random pack you receive.


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