B Friends with Emily


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B Friends with Emily

Emily is your new BFF and is part of the B Friends group. She is an outdoors girl, who loves spending time with her friends and going to the park after school. Emily loves being out and about so take her wherever you go and she will be super happy! As well as playing outdoors she does also love spending time indoors and playing indoors also as the weather may not always be great. You can also dress her up in outfits that are available to purchase and for you to create your own look for your BFF Emily.

  • On the back of the box it provides a insight into Emily’s personality and what she enjoys doing with her life.
  • Enhances nurture skills as you will be looking after your new best friend and you will always want to make sure they are being looked after well.
  • On the side of the box you can see different hairstyles that can be created and you can choose which one you would want Emily to have.
  • Your child will use their imagination and play with their new best friend and this helps them with their creative thinking.
  • Natural look and feel hair.


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