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Hop, skip and jump – just don’t let this Crazy Croc get you! Croc ‘n’ Roll is the fast-paced game that gets kids up and active!

It’s easy to get things rolling: place the colored lily pads inside the silly swamp ring, then turn the croc loose – he’s ready to chomp! Once the Crock starts rock ‘n’ rolling, players jump from lily pad to lily pad – but look before you leap! Jump onto the wrong color, step outside the swamp ring, or bump into the Crazy Croc and you lose a lily pad. The last player standing on their lily pad wins! The last player standing is the winner!

A great party game for kids, Croc ‘n’ Roll encourages players to start moving and develop their spatial awareness as they interact with other players. Hilarious and frantic, Croc ‘n’ Roll is the hilarious family game for kids!

Bring home Croc ‘n’ Roll – but don’t let the Crazy Croc get you!

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